Welcome to Vignesh Charcoals

Vignesh Charcoals were launched on 1994 with the name of Vignesh Pulverisers.

We started with manufacture of Charcoal powder which was utilized as one of the raw material for Agarbatties Product.

From the year of 2000, we established Charcoal and Lignite Powders for purpose of Fuels, Bio-Fertilizers, Non-Ferrous (casting).

Now we are one of the leading Charcoal Powder manufacturer and supplier in Tamilnadu.


  • Vision

    We want to see us by 2020 with Organic and In-organic end Product establishment.

  • Mission

    Pursue Quality sustainability with Product Scalability to achieve our Vision.

  • What the company does

    As per Industry standard, we manufacture and supply Charcoal Powders for purpose of Agarbatties Manufacturing, Fuels, Bio-Fertilizers, Non-Ferrous (casting) industries. We also perform job works to prepare Charcoal powders and facilitate for requirement of Organic products used for Agriculture.

Products We Offer
  • Charcoal Powder

    Charcoal powder is the blackish residue consisting of mostly carbon obtained by removing water and other volatile constituents from wood/coal...

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  • Light Weight Charcoal Powder

    Light Weight Charcoal powder is child product of Activated charcoal powder which is also called as FLORA charcoal powder...

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  • Lignite Powder

    Lignite Powder is also known as Brown coal, carbonaceous fuel intermediate between coal and peat, brown or yellowish in colour and woody in texture...

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  • Saw Dust Powder

    Sawdust or wood dust is a by-product of cutting, grinding, drilling, sanding, or otherwise pulverizing wood with a saw or other tool; it is composed of...

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  • Coconut Shell Powder

    Coconut shell powder is manufactured from matured coconut shells. Its extensive use in plywood and laminated board industry as a phenol extruder and as...

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  • Coconut Charcoal Powder

    Coconut Charcoal Powder is also known s Activated Charcoal Powder which is safe to ingest and its use for medicinal purposes dates back centuries as well as today...

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